University of Nebraska Medical Center

mHealth Researchers Implementing Science and Education Lab (mRISE)

The mHealth Researchers Implementing Science ad Education (mRISE) uses cutting-edge informatics and user-experience design approaches to create communication, education, and decision-support tools that empower patients, families, healthcare providers, health systems and communities.

Lab Personnel
El Kerns, PhD MPH CPH
Lab Co-Director
Russell McCulloh, MD
Lab Co-Director
Martina Clarke, PhD
Education Director
Jon Figliomeni
Lab Manager

Omaha Staff:
Miranda Johs, MS
Data Navigator
Ricky Flores, BS
Data Analyst
Colter Benson, BS
Database Coordinator
Betty Oberle, RN, BSN
Research Nurse Coordinator

Central Nebraska Staff:
Fernando Sanchez
Clinical Research Coordinator
Gisela Marfileño
Research Project Associate
Jera Hinkle, RN BSN
Nurse Case Manager

PhD Students:
Adrien Honcoop, MPS
Makayla Schissel, MPH
Jiayu Dai, BS

Masters Students:
Evangel Anyanwu, MD
Kaja Ali Mohiddin Sheik, BS

Affiliated Faculty Members:
Alice Sato, MD
Gleb Haynatzki, PhD
Bethany Lowndes, PhD
Chad Abresch, PhD
Areas of Interest
  • Mobile Health (mHealth); Information systems
  • Decision support
  • Data visualization
  • Community-engaged research
  • Civic technology
Current Funding
  • Office of the Director
  • Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery (RECOVER)
Graduate Studies
Lab Techniques
  • Agile design
  • Health informatics
  • Pragmatic clinical trials
  • Health services research
  • Implementation science
  • Qualitative research
  • Integrating new and existing data systems and real-world-derived data to generate novel health and programmatic insights
Lab Contact Information
Jon Figliomeni
Lab Manager
Office 402.836.9093