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Dr. Nasir and resident in Jordan
  • Jordan University Hospital is the teaching hospital for the College of Medicine/Jordan University. it is located in Amman Jordan and serves as a tertiary care center and referral source for pediatric care.

  • Jordan is host to more than 2 million refugees, most of them from Syria.

  • Arabic is the official language of Jordan. English is the language of teaching in the medical school and for medical record documentation.

  • Amman is the capital of Jordan, with a population of around 1.9 million inhabitants. Amman is a large metropolitan city with varied cultural opportunities from the ancient to the ultramodern.

  • Welcome to Jordan Video

  • The one-month experience will include:

    • Introduction to Jordan: including field trips to selected important sites
    • Cultural orientation
    • Safety and security orientation
    • Health system orientation
    • Survival Arabic: intensive classes at QASED Institute
    • Clinical rotations with academic patient care teams, including hospital medicine teams, and a selection of general and specialty outpatient teams as well as neonatology and critical care units
    • Close interaction with faculty and pediatric house officers
    • Attendance of daily didactic activities
    • Housing near the hospital (walkable distance)