Global Health Course Listings

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The College of Public Health and the Center for Global Health and Development are pursuing the creation of additional courses in Global Health. Current course listings here:

CPH 568, HSRA 868 Global Health Systems

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the structures and roles of international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the World Bank (WB) in global health, as well as the concepts of global health architecture and global health security. This course also provides insights into the core components and functions of different national health systems, including public health, around the world, how they are structured and how they operate, to achieve their national health goals, emphasizing the areas of similarity and the areas of differences. Other topics include global health economics and financing, global determinants of disease and health, global healthcare and public health innovations, and healthcare and public health systems evaluation.

View PDF Spring 2022 Course Syllabus