The Heartland Diabetes Project Committee Members

Trial Steering Committee:

Cyrus Desouza, MBBS - Chair

Rebecca Anderson, JD, MS, CGC

Ted R. Mikuls, MD

Brian Boerner, MD

Fang Qui, MS

Deb Meyer - Research Subject Advocate

Trial Management Group:

Nora Sarvetnick, PhD - Chair

Monina Cabrera, MD

Melinda Chen, MD

Bracha Goldsweig, MD

Zoe Gonzalez-Garcia, MD

Lynette Smith, PhD

Katie Guinn

Data and Safety Monitoring Board:

Jennifer Larsen, MD - Chair

Jane Meza, PhD

Rebecca Rae Anderson, JD, MS, CGC

Christopher J. Kratochvil, MD

Robert Schwab, MD

James O'Dell, MD