University of Nebraska Medical Center

Ashlee Mills Duffy, PhD, MEd

Assistant Professor, UNMC Department of Surgery

Dr. Ashlee Duffy

Dr. Duffy is an educational psychologist and assistant professor in the Department of Surgery where she is the co-director for the College of Medicine Career Specialty Track program. She joined UNMC in 2018 as an accreditation specialist where she was responsible for the successful 2021 application to establish Davis Global Center as an Accredited Education Institute through the American College of Surgeons.

Before coming to Nebraska, she worked in accreditation, assessment, teaching, and program evaluation in K-12 and higher education. While at Auburn University, she worked with and researched community-based social justice programs utilizing a qualitative, quantitative, and network analysis design and traveled to Ghana to facilitate educational partnerships.

  • PhD: Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
  • MEd: Loyola University Chicago, Illinois
  • BGS: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Research Interests

Current projects include rural health training with R7DHRE, design and implementation of education in Nebraska Acute Care Education (NeACE), and education and evaluation in UME and GME.

Special research interests include ad hoc teams in the trauma bay, junior clinical faculty scholarship, mixed methods designs in medical education, the use of social network analysis to demonstrate program context, cognitive load theory and flipped classroom models, and topics in surgical education research.