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Admission Requirements

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Admission Requirements

  1. Graduate from an accredited Radiography program. Students in their final months of study are eligible to apply.
  2. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification and registration in radiography.
  3. Undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) at time of application submission.
  4. Radiography program GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) at time of application submission.

MRI Admissions Policies are in the CAHP Handbook.

Enrollment in each program is limited and competitive. The admissions committee of each program, composed of program faculty and administration, evaluates the qualifications of each applicant and makes the final selections for admission.

For admittance into the program, the technologist must have completed an accredited radiography program and be certified in their profession (ARRT).

Admission to the MRI Program requires the applicant to successfully complete the following prior to matriculation:

University / College Required Prerequisites

Successful completion of 32 semester hours at an accredited college or university. The required semester hours must include the following:

Language / Social Sciences (12 semester hours)
Course work meeting these requirements may include, but is not limited to, literature, composition, communication, speech, foreign language, philosophy, psychology, sociology, art, history, or religion.
Mathematics (3 semester hours)
College Algebra, Statistics, or higher mathematics
Natural Sciences (9 semester hours)
Course work meeting this requirement may include, but is not limited to, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science.
Electives (8 semester hours)
Suggested elective courses: anatomy & physiology II, science, mathematics, humanities/social sciences, computer science.

All required didactic and clinical courses must be completed with a minimum letter grade of C- or better to meet requirements for graduation from the program. Grades lower than a "C-" will not transfer to UNMC for credit. [Exceptions to this policy due to COVID-19]

All science courses must be basic science courses for science majors.

College prerequisites, course requirements, and program requirements are subject to change.

Applicants should review the Technical Standards and MRI Safety Information prior to applying for admission. Accepted students will be screened for MRI safety prior to matriculation.

All applicants, regardless of application completion or acceptance status, are encouraged to submit their FAFSA data to UNMC prior to April 1st to ensure consideration for all aid options. Please refer to the financial aid process page.

Advanced Placement:

A maximum of 6 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) semester hours will be accepted for transfer. CLEP semester hours in math and science will not be accepted & no more than 3 CLEP or AP hours of English Composition will be accepted.

Clinical Environment

  • Accepted students are guaranteed timely and appropriate clinical placement.
  • Accepted students will be required to complete a background check and substance abuse testing prior to matriculation into the program. Depending on clinical site, additional requirements may need to be met or updated.
  • During the program, students will be assigned to periodic evening/weekend rotations which will not comprise more than 25% of the total clinical clock hours.

Campus Location

Accepted students will be assigned to a campus location. Once a campus location is assigned, the student will be expected to remain at their assigned campus location for the duration of the program. Students are asked for their campus location preference during the application process; however, there is no guarantee as to what campus location will be offered. Campus location options: Omaha or Kearney. See the Campus Locations page for more information and housing options.

Transfer Credits

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences at UNMC is available to registered radiographers entering the program with an associate's degree. A Post-Baccalaureate Professional Certificate is also offered. The technologist must have completed an accredited Radiography program, be certified and registered in their profession (ARRT), and have completed the 32 hours of specified college prerequisites.

Students will receive a maximum of 60 semester hours of transfer credit for their RT program. Additional coursework may transfer for credit. Course descriptions and syllabi may be requested for evaluation. Transcripts are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and accepted students will be provided with an Individual Plan of Study for their Professional Program Completion. Contact us for details.

How to Apply