University of Nebraska Medical Center

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Committees

Important elements of the graduate program are the IGPBS-BMB Graduate Committee and the individual Supervisory Committees.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Committee

The IGPBS-BMB Graduate Committee reviews each application for graduate study in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and recommends an action to the Dean for Graduate Studies.

The committee oversees the graduate academic program of the department; it approves the selection of a supervisor and Supervisory Committee for each PhD student; it supervises the program of each student in the PhD degree programs prior to the formation of a Supervisory Committee, respectively.

The IGPBS-BMB Graduate Committee directs the preparation and administration of comprehensive examinations and reviews the progress of each graduate student at least twice per year. It also reviews and recommends all graduate course offerings. Membership of the Graduate Committee shall be recommended by the departmental chair, for approval and appointment by the Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.

Supervisory Committee

Upon recommendation of the IGPBS-BMB Graduate Committee, the Dean for Graduate Studies appoints a Supervisory Committee for each PhD student. The Supervisory Committee consists of a minimum of four fellows of the Graduate Faculty, one of whom is the student's supervisor and who serves as chairman of the committee, and at least one of whom has a primary appointment in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Once appointed, the Supervisory Committee becomes generally responsible for the student's progress and approves the program of studies and the area of research to be undertaken for the dissertation. The committee meets whenever necessary but no less than twice each year for the purpose of reviewing the student's progress and program. Prior to each committee meeting, students should work with their adviser to complete the semi-annual evaluation. Evaluation forms can be obtain from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Educational Program Associate. The student’s progress and any remedial or corrective actions outlined in the evaluation should be discussed with the Supervisory Committee. The completed evaluation form should be submitted along with the meeting minutes to Seguidor.