Bioinformatics Tools

Bioinformatics Tools & Software Developed / Maintained by the Guda Lab

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Licensed Bioinformatics Tools & Software

We provide the following software tools:

  • VectorNTI: A software suite that allows the user to manage, analyze, view, transform, and share a wide variety of molecular biology data. The following kinds of tools are available:
    • Collection, storage and management, map visualization, sequence searches, analysis and comparison, primer design, cloning, resequencing, gel simulation, contig assembly, sequence validation, and literature validation
  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA): A web-based knowledge base and software for analyzing complex biological and chemical systems.  It offers a variety of tools to analyze gene expression data and identify affected biological pathways, networks with literature supported evidence.  Also contains tools to predict upstream or downstream interacting genes, building networks for hypothesis generation, and visualization of results. IPA is currently available only for UNMC users.  Access to the other INBRE network members will be available in the Fall of 2015. To apply for an account, please fill this form.
  • CLC Genomics Workbench: A software suite for the analysis, visualization, and comparison of next-generation sequencing data. It can also be used for other data, please add the other features. We are working on making it available for all investigators.
  • Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a software suite for advanced data analysis, storage, and retrieval, with a graphical user interface. Third-party members of the INBRE consortium should purchase a license at a regular price on the SAS website. An institutional license is available for UNMC through ITS and OntheHub. A free SAS University version is also available, but not all modules are included.
  • MATLAB: A high-level language and graphical environment which allows data exploration and analysis possible. A license can be obtained through RITO.