MATLAB software to aid researchers with technical computing

MATLAB License

UNMC users, please use below link to an article on the vendor website with step by step instructions on how to update the License File and resolve the MATLAB Expiring error you are receiving.

Another way to reactivate MATLAB to replace the License File:

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If you need further assistance regarding MATLAB license, please contact the Research IT Office

What is MATLAB?  

Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is a high-performance application for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Aside from mathematical analysis, MATLAB can also be used to build full-fledged applications that may have their own graphical user interface.

Where can I use MATLAB in my research?  

The tool has been used in a wide variety of research areas and other fields. From a biomedical research perspective, MATLAB has been used to build mathematical models of biological processes (to elucidate properties of dynamic systems such as cell cycle, apoptosis, chemotaxis, etc.) that can be deterministic or stochastic, continuous or discrete.

In addition, MATLAB can:

  • solve these problems numerically (e.g., ordinary or partial differential equations);
  • estimate or optimize parameters;
  • fit simulations to experimental data;
  • visualize data/simulations in 2D/3D;
  • perform basic statistical analysis of data;
  • generate publication-quality plots, even for data that has been generated by other software!
How can I access MATLAB at UNMC?  
Please follow the instructions described here for windows and for Mac click here.
Who is eligible to get MATLAB?  

All UNMC employees (faculty, students, staff and others) who have a email address associated with a campus user ID and password.

Are Nebraska Medicine employees eligible to get MATLAB?  

Sorry, not at this time, but we are working with the vendor to make this happen.

What is the cost to me?  
There is no cost to you. The Research IT Office is providing funding for the licensing for this financial year.
Will MATLAB work on macOS or Linux?  
Yes, our licensing agreement with MathWorks allows for our users to run MATLAB on Apple macOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.
How many devices I can run MATLAB on?  

There is no limit.

How long can I use MATLAB?  

Our license is annual and is valid from July 1 to June 30 of the following year, and your installed version of MATLAB will only function during that period. Each year you will be required to renew your license and redownload the latest version in order to continue using MATLAB. For more information, please see our MATLAB License Details.