CYMST Policies

CYMST Tool Policy- UNMC College of Medicine (2022)

Important Dates & Choose your Medical School Tool:

Applies to: ACCEPTED STUDENTS (Regular M.D, EDP, OSP, M.D/Graduate Designations)

February 22: “Plan to Enroll” option for accepted students becomes available. Highly recommended (but not required). Accepted students in a Plan to Enroll status can maintain alternate/waitlist positions and acceptances from other institutions. You can only “Plan to Enroll” at one institution. If you have multiple offers, you can adjust your “Plan to Enroll” selection. Selecting “Plan to Enroll” is not a binding commitment.

April 15: The AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols recommends accepted students narrow offers to three medical schools (if applicable).

April 30: “Commit to Enroll” option for accepted students becomes available. From April

30, 2022 prior to Orientation, “Commit to Enroll” is available and highly recommended. Accepted students should utilize this tool when they are ready to commit and are withdrawing all other applications. This includes any acceptances and alternate positions at other institutions.

May 1: Accepted applicants to UNMC should “Plan to Enroll” to signify they want to hold acceptance to UNMC COM among other acceptances.

July 18: UNMC’s deadline for accepted students to select “Commit to Enroll”. All UNMC COM accepted students who intend to matriculate must remove themselves from all alternate lists and any accepted positions at other institutions. Using the “Commit to Enroll” status does not automatically withdraw you from consideration at another institution. Make sure you reach out to the institution you are withdrawing from to follow the appropriate process. Failure to select “Commit toEnroll” to UNMC by July 19 could result in retraction of the admission offer to UNMC College of Medicine.

Additionally, it is expected you to review and follow the Applicant and Accepted Applicant protocols: protocols-applicants

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