The UNMC Department of Dermatology's mission is to go beyond standard therapies to provide extraordinary care for all patients with dermatologic conditions. Our physicians and researchers are on the cutting edge of clinical and translational research to bring therapies directly to patients.

Our research team has expertise in conducting clinical studies in skin cancer, rheumatologic and autoimmune conditions of the skin, inpatient dermatology, varicose veins, laser treatments, health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and beyond. To make a charitable contribution to advance dermatologic research at our center, please contact the University of Nebraska Foundation and specify your desire to support the mission of the Department of Dermatology.

Our research team holds weekly meetings on Mondays at noon. To contact us about participating in a Clinical Trial/Study or for students interested in research, please email Lucinda Kustka, Research Nurse Coordinator:

Our Strategic Research Priorities



Our Publications

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Dr. Adam Sutton - Speaker at the American College of Mohs Surgeons meeting