University of Nebraska Medical Center

Translational Research

Dermatology Clinical Trials and Studies

Our department conducts and participates in registries in these areas:

Skin Cancer & Prevention
  • Incidence and Mortality of Melanoma and access to care in Nebraska.
  • The efficiency of a multi-modal approach to sun-safety in skin cancer patients.
  • Integration of patient, satisfaction, functional status and quality of life in determining appropriateness of skin cancer treatment in advanced age and high-risk patients.
  • The Reveal Imager as an Intervention to Improve Sun-safety Behaviors
  • Virtual Reality in Dermatologic Surgery
  • Satisfaction of closing defects after facial skin cancer resection (SCAR) study
  • The efficacy of an education e-module on patient understanding of melanoma prevention and early detection
  • Postoperative complications, nasal function, and quality of life following interpolated flap repair for post-Mohs surgical defects of the nose: a multi-center prospective observational cohort study
Translational Squamous Cell Carcinoma & Personalized High-Risk Skin Cancer Care
  • Cancer-associated genetic mutations and patterns of the tumor microenvironment in skin cancer
  • Development and validation of a gene expression assay to predict the risk of recurrent disease in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
  • IHC and high-risk squamous cell carcinoma
  • Role of immunosupression in staging and gene expression of high-risk SCC
Transplant Dermatology
  • UV dosimetry and reducation of sun exposure in transplant and other high-risk patients
Infectious Disease Dermatology
  • HIV and skin cancer
Global Health Security and Dermatology
  • Clinical Characterization Protocol for Severe Emerging Infections (COVID-19)
  • The role of COVID-19 in cardiovascular disease & skin
  • Autoimmune Skin Diseases
Teledermatology & Rural Dermatology/Access to Care
  • Teledermatology and increasing access to care in agricultural populations
  • Quality of Life and Venolymphatic Disease: A prospective study
  • Analysis of the impact of dermatology on patient care at an academic hospital
  • A survey to assess the gender gap in academic medicine