Scholarly Project

Each resident will be required to present a scholarly activity project. Residents are expected to work on this project during the first two years of residency and presenting during the third year before graduation. The resident will discuss the progress on their project every six months during their evaluation meeting with the program director. 

Following are the research projects presented in May 2020 by the senior residents:

Amanda Anderson, DO
"A Retrospective Review of the Clinical Significance of Knee Effusions on X-ray Imaging and the Relation to Occult Tibial Plateau Fractures”
Mentors:   Aaron Barksdale, MD, Weston Ross, DO      
Ethan Deckert, MD
“Increased Incidence of Cholecystitis and Pancreatitis at One Year in Medicaid, Medicare, and Self Pay Patients after Primary Emergency Department Diagnosis of Symptomatic Cholelithiasis, a Retrospective Chart Review”
Mentor:  Aaron Barksdale, MD
Eryn Dichari, MD
“Impact of Emergency Physicians in Nebraska Football Game Medical Aid Stations”
Mentor:  Ross Mathiasen, MD
Ryan Houghton, MD
The Effect of Weather on Orthopedic Injury Presentation to the Emergency Department”
Mentor:  Aaron Barksdale, MD
Matthew Kiblinger, MD
“Does An Infographic Improve Patient Understanding and Satisfaction During An Emergency Room Visit?”
Mentors:   Aaron Barksdale, MD, Wesley Zeger, DO     
Rachel Miceli, MD
“An Analysis of Packaging and Labels of Wintergreen and Birch Essential Oils”
Mentor:   Ronald Kirschner, MD     
Elliott Miller, MD
“CO-Oximetry in the Emergency Department”
Mentor:   Jeffrey Cooper, MD       
Tyler Ronnfeldt, MD
“Novel Barrier Enclosure for Aerosol and Droplet Protection Model”
Mentors:  Chad Branecki, MD, Jason Langenfeld, MD
Jonathan Shields, MD
“Barriers To Research: A Needs Assessment”
Mentor:  Claudia Moore, MD
Jonathan Weseman, MD
“Comparing Outcomes in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest After Implementing Mechanical Compression Devices”
Mentor:  Eric Ernest, MD


The Program also encourages resident participation in outside scholarly projects in addition to the required Senior Research project.  Travel to regional and/or national presentations is available to residents who are accepted to present.