Scholarly Project

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Each resident will be required to present a scholarly activity project. Residents are expected to work on this project during the first two years of residency and presenting during the third year before graduation. The resident will discuss the progress on their project every six months during their evaluation meeting with the program director. 

Following are the research projects presented in June 2023 by the senior residents:

Jared Baxter, MD
"Differences in Adherence to Practice Guidelines for Pediatric Syncope Between Patients Presenting to a Pediatric Hospital Emergency Department and a General Academic Medical Center Emergency Department"
Mentors: Aaron Barksdale, MD, Jeffrey Robinson, MD, and Zebulon Timmons, MD

Jennifer Bolton, DO
"Presenteeism in Emergency Medicine"
Mentors: Aaron Barksdale, MD, TJ Welniak, MD, Christine Stehman, MD, and Carolyn Sachs, MD

Julia Carter, MD
"Provider Knowledge and Utilization of Naloxone Prescriptions from the Emergency Department"
Mentor: Claudia Moore, MD

Glen Clinton, MD
"Comparison of Outcomes for Patients Admitted from the Emergency Department with Focal vs Multifocal Pneumonia"
Mentor: Aaron Barksdale, MD

Daniel Coquyt, MD
"Trends in Job Search Methods Among Graduating Emergency Medicine Residents: A Study on UNMC Alumni"
Mentors: Chad Branecki, MD and Aaron Barksdale, MD

Macall Cox, DO
"Epidemiological Criminology and COVID: A Transdisciplinary Analysis of Violent Crime and Emergency Department Admissions During COVID"
Mentor: Cynthia Hernandez, MD

Conor Dass, MD
"REPS: A Novel Shift Debriefing Method for Emergency Medicine Residencies"
Mentor: TJ Welniak, MD

Catherine Fairgrieve Appel, DO
"Diagnosis and Treatment of Exertional Heat Stroke Among Emergency Medicine Physicians"
Mentor: Ross Mathiasen, MD

Andrew Hatfield, MD
"Incidence of Unknown COVID-19 Infection in a Cohort of Emergency Physicians and Advance Practice Providers"
Mentor: Aaron Barksdale, MD

Bradford Huff, MD
"The Isolation System for Treatment and Agile Response for High-Risk Infections (ISTARI) Unit- The Assessment of Provider Safety and Infection Control"
Mentor: Katherine Willet, MD

Elizabeth Reiche, DO
"Evaluation of Prehospital Providers Perceived Ultrasound Competence and Confidence Before and After an Education Session"
Mentors: Shaila Coffey, MD, Dalton Nelsen, MD, and Liz Lyden, MA MS

Victoria Wadman, MD
"Anaphylaxis Recognition and Treatment in the Omaha Metro Area"
Mentors: Eric Ernest, MD EMT-P and Aaron Barksdale, MD


The Program also encourages resident participation in outside scholarly projects in addition to the required Senior Research project. We routinely have residents presenting at ACEP, CORD and SAEM, as well as at Sport Medicine Conferences and international conferences including WADEM and Global Health Congress.

Following are citations for abstracts published/presented by residents at national conferences in 2023 and 2022:

Willet K, Huff B, Wadman V. The Isolation System for Treatment and Agile Response for High-Risk Infections (ISTARI) Unit, a Carecubes Design: Moving PEE Around the Patient, An Assessment of Provider Safety and Infection Control with Emergency Medicine Residents During Simuation. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. May 2023.

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