Scholarly Project

While in residency, you will be required to present a scholarly activity project. You are expected to work on this project during the first two years of residency and presenting during your third year before graduation. You will discuss the progress on your project every six months during your evaluation meeting with your advisor and program director. Following are the research projects that were presented in May 2017 by our senior residents.

Abraham S. Campos, MD
“Death Notification in the Pre-Hospital Setting”
Mentor:  Eric Ernest, MD
Ryan M. Corrick, MD
"Effects of Dexamethasone Pretreatment on Nerve and Skeletal Muscle 24 hours After Ischemic Injury"
Mentor:  Yulong Li, PhD

Stephen D. Ducey, MD
“Utility of Blood Cultures in Patients with Cellulitis “
Mentor:  Aaron Barksdale, MD
Carl R. Gladitsch, MD
“In Hospital Mortality in Elderly Patients with Isolated Hip Fracture”
Mentor:  Aaron Barksdale, MD

Justin Hall, DO“Social Media and Medical Professionalism:  An Assessment of Behavior on Facebook by Emergency Medicine Residents”
Mentor:  Jason Langenfeld, MD
Steve Inglish, MD
“Poison Center Recommendations for Physostigmine in Suspected Anticholinergic Toxicity”
Mentor:  Ronald Kirschner, MD
Nathan J. Kartchner, MD
“Emergency Department Retrospective Analysis of Epistaxis Treatment Failure and Time to Return”
Mentor:  Russell Buzalko, PhD
Michael F Osborn, MD
“Utilizing Ultrasound to Understand the Evaluation of Undifferentiated Shock and Hypotension”
Mentors:  Michael Wadman, MD, Amy Cutright, MD, and Emily Crowley, MSIV
Matthew C. Schafer, MD
“Are Multivitamin Intravenous Infusions (banana bags) Over Utilized in the Emergency Department? A Retrospective Review”
Mentor:  Jeffrey Cooper, MD
The Program also encourages resident participation in outside scholarly projects in addition to the required Senior Research project.  Travel to regional and/or national presentations is available to residents who are accepted to present.