Welcome Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  We know you will see, as you dive further into this program, that ours is a program which emphasizes the education of our residents above all. We have a training program rich with experience in all facets of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery which rivals any program on either coast with the warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere you can only get from the Midwest. 

Your opportunities will be abundant with our five annual resident courses in each of the disciplines of our field, including ultrasound and skull base surgery. In addition to dedicated temporal bone drilling sessions, we hold breakfast journal clubs hosted by faculty, in-depth in-service review, and annual mock oral boards. You can expect to have comprehensive weekly protected didactic time taught by our distinguished faculty as well as grand rounds from nationally recognized speakers.  If you join our department you will spend time on a rural rotation experiencing the day-to-day operations of thriving private practice and receiving valuable education on being successful in a private practice. Furthermore, we will support you if your plans are to pursue a fellowship by offering a flexible curriculum so you may personalize your educational experience. We have a truly unique annual resident retreat held in a distant city (recent retreats have been held in Phoenix, Winterpark, & Austin)  which allows residents to get to know each other better, to discuss ways to enhance the program further, and to supplement your education.

What sets us apart from the other programs where you may apply is that we not only emphasize your clinical and surgical training but seek to ensure you have the skills necessary to take on challenging situations when you graduate. You will receive instruction on work-life balance, wellness, practice development, billing and coding, and ways to improve your interactions with delivering bad news and gracefully attending to difficult patients.  We want to give you all the tools you need so you will succeed both personally and professionally.

Though this program sits in a medium-sized city, you will get exposure to a wide range of patients and pathologies. This is because we are one of the only academic centers covering a large area of the Midwest, and we draw from patients from all over rural Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and South Dakota. Omaha has much to offer as a city with expansive and vibrant culinary, musical, and theatrical offerings. We are deeply rooted in sports and sports-related activities and there is much here for the enthusiast.

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We have compiled the statistics of our current residents: 

Step 1: 247  (range = 222-262)
Step 2: 255  (range = 239-272)
AOA Induction: 60%
Surgery/Otolaryngology Honors: 87%
Research Projects:  4.6  (range = 1-9)
Publications: 2.0  (range = 0-6)
Oral Presentations:  1.2  (range = 0-6)
Poster Presentations: 1.9  (range = 0-4)
Leadership Positions: 2.1  (range = 0-8)
Volunteer/Extracurriculars:9.2  (range = 3-17)

We hope your journey brings you to visit the heartland of this country; we are very much looking forward to meeting you and showing you all this exceptional program has to offer. 

If we can answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Best Regards, 

Residency Program Team
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
University of Nebraska Medical Center