Meet the Residents

Chief Residents Sarah Marlatt and Connor Wagner

2022-2023 Chief Residents: Sara Marlatt, MD and Connor Wagner, MD

A Message from the Chiefs about the Program

"The UNMC Family Medicine program offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that prepares anyone that goes through this program to be ready for any type of job after graduation. We have clinics that service underserved populations, active duty and ex-military families, and many other demographic populations giving us wide experiences in clinic for how to handle various complications seen in a clinic setting. Our inpatient service teams work both at the academic center and at a smaller institution allowing us to not only learn inpatient medicine for "bread and butter" cases, but also more sick individuals with complex medical problems such as transplants, acute cardiac and stroke pathology, and rare diseases. Since we are connected with an academic center, we have a large variety of specialties and sub-specialties that we have access to for consults and rotations. After graduation, we have graduates that have gone to work in clinics, hospital settings, rural settings, and some even overseas with experiences from residency that have them ready to tackle a multitude of problems they experience in the real world." 

    Sara Marlatt, MD

"I was looking for a program that would allow me to explore the breadth of family medicine. Specifically, I wanted a program that offered the opportunity to be involved in procedures, exposure to true community family medicine and a program with ties to a major academic center. The UNMC Family Medicine Residency program checks all of these boxes and more. Our program has excellent board pass rates, robust training leading to excellent positions right out of residency, and we are located in an area where your resident salary will go farther than most other places in the country.

This program is unique in that it is one of the largest family medicine programs in the country but includes several unique tracks that focus on urban and underserved populations, rural communities, and military communities to include active duty, dependents, and retirees. Our residents continue on to essentially every path of family medicine to include full-scope rural practice, hospitalist positions, obstetric and sports medicine fellowships, academic positions, and outpatient practices. Our program offers the opportunity to truly choose how you want to train and provides you with the education and experience to be successful in your chosen path. I hope you'll consider joining our program and finding your own path in the broadest specialty in medicine today."

    Connor Wagner, MD

Congratulations to our 2022 Residency Program Graduates!