University of Nebraska Medical Center

Chance Cosgriff, MD

House Officer I

Chance Cosgriff, MD


Chance "CJ" Cosgriff

What interested you most in UNMC?:

Growing up in Nebraska, I always considered UNMC a top-tier institute. Most doctors I had as a kid were UNMC-trained, and I admired how they treated patients. I went to medical school here and thought their family medicine program was well-rounded, thorough, and highly regarded by the community. Not to mention, many of the attendees are former UNMC graduates (newly minted and seasoned), which speaks highly of the program itself.

What was your first job?


What is the furthest you've traveled from Omaha?:

Milan, Italy

Career aspirations: 

I want to be a full-scope clinician with hospital privileges. I'd like to be fully procedure-trained. Oh, I would also like to become a master of the bedside ultrasound! Outside of that, I haven't really decided. I am an Air Force resident, so I would like to be stationed in Japan (fingers crossed) or Europe at some point during my Air Force career. After the Air Force, I'd like to return to Omaha or something of comparable size for practice.

If you couldn't work in medicine, what would you do?:

I would want to coach wrestling and football while maybe teaching. I would especially want to coach a youth wrestling program! Seeing kiddos learn the skills and discipline required for wrestling is extremely rewarding.

If you only had one day in Nebraska, what would you do?:

Watch a Husker football game (praying they'd win) followed by a Husker volleyball game (knowing they'd win). Then go to late night at the Henry Doorly Zoo before enjoying a bonfire out in the country.

Most fond residency experience or memory up to this point?:

My fondest residency memory so far has to be having my wedding reception during residency. It has certainly been fun getting to know my fellow residents and meeting up outside of the hospital when opportunities arise. My fondest residency experience so far has to be hanging with newborn babies in the newborn nursery or getting a toddler in the clinic.