University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rose Nelson

House Officer I

Rose Nelson


Rose Nelson

What interested you most in UNMC?:

We are one of the best primary care programs in the country, which is perfect for what I want to do!

What was your first job?

Farm hand until 16, after 16, a barista.

What is the furthest you've traveled from Omaha?:


Career aspirations: 

Want to head back to the Panhandle and take care of my neighbors. First, a Family Medicine residency and OB fellowship, though.

If you couldn't work in medicine, what would you do?:

Probably have a coffee shop/book store or something artsy back near Sidney, Nebraska.

If you only had one day in Nebraska, what would you do?:

Catch a sunset on the Great Plains.

Most fond residency experience or memory up to this point?:

Just the everyday camaraderie of our program - love just visiting and getting to know all the residents, attendings and staff in our program.