Omaha Track

We continue to be recognized nationally as a leader in rural health and family medicine education. The Department of Family Medicine offers multiple programs as part of the Omaha residency track. Each of these has a different flair and is exceptional in creating future physician leaders in the field of family medicine.

Learn more about each of the programs which are available as a part of a family medicine residency at UNMC. Interested? We'd love to talk with you more about how your future plans and how you could benefit from a family medicine residency in Omaha.

There is also the option of completing a Master’s of Public Health degree during a fourth year of training. This is a wonderful opportunity if you are interested in incorporating public policy or administrative elements into your future career. Would you like to be the medical director of a community health center someday? Would you like to work as a consultant to the state health department? Could you see yourself planning international health programs? The MPH degree might be an important element in building the skills you need for your future career.

If international medical work interests you, the University of Nebraska Medical Center has an active International Studies department. We have established relationships with physicians in South Africa, Nicaragua, Belize and Jamaica, and we can arrange elective rotations in those countries. UNMC is a member of the International Health and Medical Education Consortium, and our contacts in that organization literally open up the rest of the world to you for international work.

Call or e-mail us to arrange a visit!