University of Nebraska Medical Center

Andrew Dudley, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy
Co-Director, Anatomy Teaching Track PhD Program
Co-Director, T32 Training Grant Program


Headshot of Andrew Dudley, PhD
  • Post-doc, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • PhD, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Dr. Dudley's research seeks to uncover the mechanisms that regulate the development and homeostasis of musculoskeletal tissues using methods from embryology, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and tissue engineering, with the goal of generating novel therapies for regenerative medicine.

Selected Publications
  1. Tseng, Y.-H., Kokkotou, E., Schulz, T. J., Huang, T. L., Winnay, J. N., Taniguchi, C. M., Tran, T. T., Suzuki, R., Espinoza, D. O., Yamamoto, Y., Ahrens, M. J., Dudley, A. T., Norris, A. W., Kulkarni, R. N., Kahn, C. R. (2008) New role of bone morphogenetic protein 7 in brown adipogenesis and energy expenditure. Nature 454: 1000-1004. PMCID:PMC2745972
  2. Kim, J. H., Gurumurthy, C. B., Naramura, M., Zhang, Y., Dudley, A. T., Doglio, L., Band, H. and Band, V. (2009) The role of mammalian ecdysoneless in cell cycle regulation. JBC 284: 26402-26410. PMCID:PMC2785328
  3. Li, Y. and Dudley, A. T. (2009) Noncanonical Frizzled signaling regulates cell polarity in growth plate chondrocytes. Development 136:1083-1092. PMCID:PMC2685929