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Chair's Welcome

Vimla Band, PhD
Ardith and Anna Von Housen
Professor and Chair

Welcome to the department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy (GCBA), which fulfills three equally critical missions at the University of Medical Center, Research, Teaching and Service. Currently, the department consists of 22 full-time, 1 part-time, 36 courtesy faculty, and 6 emeritus faculty members; 5 administrative staff; 12 research and Anatomy lab staff; 4 postdoctoral fellows; 19 graduate students; and 16 master’s students.

The GCBA department is at the center of exciting new advances in understanding basic Genetics and Cell Biology of human body and diseases to promote translational science. Research Faculties are addressing the machinery of cell proliferation and DNA damage, stem cell differentiation and development, genomics and bioinformatics, as well as genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression in human diseases; the specific research conducted has implications for treatment of Lupus, bone and joint diseases, and cancers.

Translational research also involves the Advanced Anatomy Lab where Physicians and Surgeons collaborate with Anatomists to learn and practice procedures using lightly embalmed cadavers and conduct educational research.

Excellence in teaching is an important mission of the department.  The department thrives on training the next generation of Health science professionals through Anatomy education of medical students, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapy students, Masters in Anatomy, as well as a Teaching Track Anatomy PhD program. The graduating Masters in Anatomy students have had an over 95% success rate in joining various health professional institutions, including graduate schools.

Training of graduate students in Basic Science is a critically important mission of the department. Our faculty is highly dedicated to building the next generation of scientists that is ready for academic, teaching, biotech, and alternate careers in science.   Our students continue to receive high accolades and distinction during their graduate training and are competitive in the next steps in their career, through postdoctoral fellowships in desirable institutions and embarking on independent faculty careers in top-tier institutions in the US.