Below are the most frequently asked questions relating to payroll. If you have other questions not listed on this page, please contact the appropriate payroll person. 

When do I get paid?  

Monthly employees are paid on the last working day of the month. 

Biweekly employees are paid every other Thursday.

Who should I call if I have questions about the hours listed on my paycheck?  

Contact your department HR Coordinator.

How/when do I get my W2?  

Enroll for W2 online delivery via Employee Self Service in Firefly. Traditionally, online W2s are available the third week in January.

  • Log into Firefly
  • Click "Employee Self Service"
  • Under "Payment" select "Enroll for (2015) Tax Year W-2 Online Delivery"
  • Select your options and submit
How do I make changes to my direct deposit and form W4?  

Changes can be made online via Employee Self Service in Firefly

  • Log into Firefly
  • Click "Employee Self Service"
  • Under "Payment" select "Tax Withholding (W4)"
  • Edit both state and federal
  • Submit your information