Public Safety

Who do I call for public safety assistance?


For emergency assistance, dial Ext. 9-5555 (or) 402-559-5555. This is the equivalent to dialing 911 for on-campus emergencies.


To contact public safety dispatch, dial Ext. 9-5111 (or) (402) 559-5111. Dial this number to report unauthorized persons or suspicious activities observed on campus (or in your work area); report unsafe conditions; report a crime; general assistance, i.e., door unlocks, jump starts, etc. The on duty Public Safety shift supervisor can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling this number.

Safety Escorts

If you are experiencing an imminent threat and require an immediate safety escort, please contact dispatch at 402-559-5111, to request to speak with the on-duty supervisor.  The on-duty supervisor will be able to authorize your request.  For any long term needs for a safety escort, please contact the UNMC Public Safety Office at, to obtain information on the process.  Please include the following in your request, if applicable: