Faculty Bio

Kaleb Michaud, Ph.D.Kaleb Michaud, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Division of Rheumatology

Academic Office:
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986270 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6270

1997    B.S. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
2001    M.S. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2006    Ph.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Current Hospital and Academic Appointments:
Associate Professor, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology, Department of Internal Medicine, UNMC
Stanford University Primary Care and Outcomes Research Adjunct Affiliate
Co-Director, National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases, Wichita, KS

Biographical Sketch: 
Dr. Michaud serves as co-director of Forward, The National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases, the largest long-term open-cohort observational study of its kind with over 40,000 patients enrolled. Since 2007 he has been the principal investigator of the RAIN database composed of several rheumatology clinics in the Rheumatology and Arthritis Investigator’s Network. As an active volunteer in the American College of Rheumatology and Association for Rheumatology Professionals, he has served 8 years in developing the Rheumatology Informatics System for Effectiveness (RISE) national registry. He also works closely with Dr. Ted Mikuls on the Veteran Affairs Rheumatoid Arthritis (VARA) registry. His primary research interests revolve around pharmacoepidemiology, health outcomes, medical informatics, quality of life, and cost-effectiveness in rheumatology. Some of his current projects include: mortality in rheumatic diseases, cost-effectiveness of rheumatoid arthritis treatments, and impact of collecting patient reported outcomes via smartphones. He has received research funding from AHRQ, NIH, Arthritis Foundation, and the Rheumatology Research Foundation, and is the director of the UNMC Rheumatology fellowship research program.

Research Interests/Current Research:
Outcomes research in rheumatic diseases using modern epidemiological, econometric and biostatistical methods

Selected Publications/Current Publications (Selected from more than 180): 

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