University of Nebraska Medical Center


The goal of the center's biospecimen core (BioCore) is to aid in the collection, archiving and disbursement of samples. It also provides an accessible library of archived tissue and pertinent data.

The ACORN BioCore provides human serum, tissue and precision-cut tissue (lung, liver) slices and isolates primary human and animal cells (hepatocytes, myocytes, AECs).

This group is led by Benita McVicker, PhD, and Kristina Bailey, MD. Ashley Mohr, PhD, is an investigator and Jocelyn Paar-Rodriguez is the team's technician.

BioCore Services

Animal Studies
  • Data coordination
  • Sample processing and archiving
  • Cell isolation support
  • Tissue characterization support
Human Studies
  • Biobank
  • Cell isolation support
  • Translational model development support
  • Sample procurement from other biobanks