University of Nebraska Medical Center

External Partners

We have partnered with multidisciplinary academic and industry experts throughout the world to develop innovative research programs, new technologies and tools for analyzing multidimensional, big data on real-world behavior and safety.

Academic Partners

Our academic partners are experts in engineering, computer science, statistics, medicine, cognitive science, transportation research and human biomechanics. Together, we are developing models of real-world performance and intervention strategies to support individuals in health and disease.

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Automotive and Transportation Research

Automotive Engineering, Clemson University

Nebraska Transportation Center, University of Nebraska Lincoln


Biomechanics, University of Nebraska Omaha

Biomechanics, University of Nebraska Omaha

Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics

Biostatistics, University of Iowa

Computer Science & Engineering, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Center for Transportation & Education, Iowa State University

Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Madison Wisconsin

Tony McDonald, PhD

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Mechanical Engineering Institute for Transportation,

Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Institute of Transportation, Iowa State University

Medicine and Cognitive Science

Associate Professor, Neurology, University of Iowa

Professor, Neurology, University of Iowa

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida

Industry Partners

Our industry partners are experts in driving simulation design, product usability testing, software development, in-vehicle instrumentation technology, vehicle design, ADAS, physiologic recording techniques and engineering. Our combined efforts lead the field in clinical driving simulation, in-vehicle instrumentation technology and research programs to support technology development and design. 

CSRC Toyota - Collaborative Safety Research Center Toyota


Our partnership with the Toyota CSRC supports safety-focused research. The Mind and Brain Health Labs and the Toyota CSRC are dedicated to using in-vehicle and wearable sensor technologies to detect and prevent risky behavior before it happens. We combine information about an individual's physiology with vehicle data (collected in real time) to create supportive, new technology for at-risk drivers.

Digital Artefacts - Development of advanced, web, mobile and vehicle instrumentation

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We collaborate with Digital Artefacts' innovative group of artists, engineers and neuroscientists to develop new technologies for in-vehicle sensor instrumentation and remote monitoring of health and cognition. We have used these advanced systems to study over 1,000 drivers in data sets that span the United States.

DriveSafety - Creator of advanced driving simulators

DS Logo

The DriveSafety team specializes in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art driving simulation systems that support research, training and clinical services. Through our collaborative effort, DriveSafety has developed one of the most advanced clinical research driving simulation systems in the United States, located at the Mind and Brain Health Labs.