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We collaborate with experts throughout the world. Our partners include:


We are committed to mentoring and invite students at all levels to collaborate in our research. We have undergraduate and post-undergraduate research opportunities across a wide range of projects that build research skills and CV credentials. Interested graduate and post-doctoral researchers are invited to contact us to discuss research interests and qualifications.

The lab is directed by Dr. Matthew Rizzo and co-led by Dr. Jennifer Merickel.

Matthew Rizzo, MD

Matthew Rizzo, MD, Labs Director

Matthew Rizzo, MD, FAAN, founded the Mind and Brain Health Labs in 2015 with a mission to improve mind and brain health, mobility and quality of life across the lifespan.

Jennifer Merickel, PhD

Jennifer Merickel, PhD, Labs Co-Director

Jennifer Merickel, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the UNMC Department of Neurological Sciences. She co-built the Mind and Brain Health Labs with Dr. Rizzo to create new tools that help patients in their everyday lives.