Valentina Gumenyuk, PhD

Dr. Valentina Gumenyuk Assistant Professor - Department of Neurological Sciences 


Neurophysiology, cognitive science, Epilepsy, sleep disorders, brain imaging (EEG & MEG) 

Spatial dynamic and multi-modal measures of the changes in the brain networks including pathological networks (in epilepsy) is my primary focus. In our MEG lab, we are working with epilepsy patients who are planning to have a brain surgery for seizures freedom. We are planning to work with pediatric population to improve diagnostic and pre-surgery planning for epilepsy workouts. We will use a brain connectivity analysis, Granger causality analysis and another advanced methods to investigate the epileptogenic activity and accurately identify the epileptic network across the whole brain. I believe that our MEG lab will serve every patient, including those who will be referred to us from outside of Omaha, at high standards and professionalism.