Subin Mathew, MD, MBBS

Subin Mathew, MD Assistant Professor - Department of Neurological Sciences, Neurocritical Care & Clinical Neurophysiology 



Subarachnoid hemorrhage, EEG for delayed cerebral ischemia detection and status epilepticus, Intracerebral hemorrhage, Coma, Encephalitis.

Hospital Appointments:

University Nebraska Medical Center


How I fell in love with neurology:
Growing up and while in medical training, I was always curious about the working and complexities of the brain and the phenomenon of consciousness. My field of practice (Neurocritical care and EEG), is an emerging area with a lot of opportunity to treat acute brain injury, prevent secondary brain damage and improve patient outcomes. The most exciting part to me is the recent advances in noninvasive and invasive neuro monitoring in preventing any further brain injury and aid in neuro prognostication. At the end, what really matters is the brain.