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M3/M4 Rotation Information

Your rotation on neurological surgery is a unique educational opportunity.  We are passionate about the highest level of care for the most complicated patients in the hospital. You will be exposed to a wide variety of neurosurgical problems, this will expand your understandings of the nervous system.  We are confident if you can submerge yourself in this experience you will enjoy yourselves and the experience working with our dedicated professionals in Neurosurgery.

It is important that you strengthen your clinical skills while you work with us in Neurosurgery.  Specifically, develop your ability to perform a neurologic exam, review clinical neuroanatomy and neuroradiology as they apply to the patient you are exposed to, formulate differential diagnosis on new patient consults, strengthen your ability to present patients on rounds, and finally gain further experience scrubbing into the Neurosurgical operative theater. 

As a M3 or M4 student, you are part of our team while with us on the service and that means you will participate in all aspects of the patient care: in-patient care, out-patient clinics, neurosurgical operations, endovascular cases, emergency room consults ,and bed side procedures.  We are excited you are interested in rotating with us in Neurosurgery.

Daniel Surdell MD
Medical Student Course Director

Rotation Schedule

During your time with us, this will be your rotation at a glance:

Your rotation will start by meeting and rounding with our neurosurgery residents.  From there, you will meet the faculty at the surgical conference that provides a succint description of the patients on the neurosurgery service and an overview of the current OR cases.

While on our service, students should scrub in on all surgical operative cases and try to observe surgeries across the five specialties:  vascular, tumor, functional, spine and pediatrics.

Students are also encouraged to attend all neurosurgery conferences. 

Attendance is mandatory while on your neurosurgery rotation. 

Attendance Expectations:

  • Attendance in OR every day
  • Attendance at conferences, unless directed otherwise
  • Attendance during daily rounds

Students are encouraged to attend clinics with the faculty when they are not involved in the above requirements.

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