ITeach Organizational Values

The ITEACH core values are the characteristics everyone in our organizations should possess in order for us to achieve our collective goals. Because it’s important that we own these values, you will see each ingrained into our daily practices, including our hiring and evaluation practices.

The six values — innovation, teamwork, excellence, accountability, courage and healing, or ITEACH for short — were chosen to identify the characteristics that all colleagues should possess in order to achieve our collective goals.

"These six values reflect who we are and why we're here," said UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD "Along with our shared mission statement, they will shape the culture and future of our closely aligned organizations."

Please take a moment to learn more about our core values in this video.

Let's learn more about the meaning behind each value:

Innovation — Search for a better way. Seek and implement ideas and approaches that can change the way the world discovers, teaches and heals. Drive transformational change.

Teamwork — Respect diversity and one another. Communicate effectively and listen well. Be approachable and courteous. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we work together.

Excellence — Strive for the highest standards of safety and quality in all that you do. Work to achieve exceptional results.

Accountability — Commit. Take ownership. Be resilient, transparent and honest. Always do the right thing and continuously learn.

Courage — Make the tough decisions. Have no fear of failure in the pursuit of excellence. Admit mistakes and learn from them.

Healing — Show the empathy you feel. Be selfless in caring for patients, one another and the community.