Philosophy Statements

Leadership Philosophy

The leadership philosophy of the College embraces resiliency, shaping positive change, pro-active thinking, dynamic partnerships built on respect and reciprocity, and risk-taking toward creative possibilities. We believe that all faculty, staff, students, and community partners have the potential for leadership and that leadership development is critical to achieving our mission and vision. Leadership includes effective team dynamics and leadership roles may vary depending on the needs of the situation and the strengths and skills of the participants. Nurses are key members of interprofessional health care teams and community-based teams that include members of the public.

Communication Philosophy

The mission and vision of the College of Nursing are accomplished through open, honest, and respectful dialogue within our community of interest. Diverse opinions are sought and valued, and decisions are made after full discussion. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for positive communication behaviors.

Education Philosophy

Our educational philosophy focuses on implementing evidence-based resources to guide the experiential development of student-centered learning and exploration at all levels. We support students as they question, innovate, and test new ideas. We strive for dynamic, interprofessional learning experiences which are inclusive of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and world-views.

Research Philosophy

We believe that nursing research improves health, reduces suffering, and ensures health equity by creating new knowledge and products. Nurse scientists collaborate with other scientists and members of the public to develop new knowledge that is holistic and reflects the cultural perspectives and biopsychosocial factors that relate to health within different populations. Dissemination and implementation of nursing research is vital for advancing society in a safe, just, and equitable manner and improving the quality of life for all. The research conducted by faculty scientists is integrally connected with nursing education and practice, as both should be based on the best scientific knowledge available.

Practice and Service Philosophy

We believe nursing practice and service to the profession are critical for informing and shaping how we advance research and teaching. We are committed to creating collaborative, innovative health solutions together with diverse individuals, communities, health care systems and the nursing profession through practice, professional development, and service. We apply scientific evidence and our collective experience to evaluate outcomes demonstrating the effectiveness of nursing practice, professional development and service to the profession.