Non-Degree Student Information

Learning, on Your Terms

The thirst for knowledge can still be satisfied even after graduation. You may be looking to further your professional ability, advance in the skills you know, or simply learn something new. However, you’re not looking to commit yourself to a graduate degree that you don’t necessarily want. Here at UNMC, we offer flexibility in non-degree graduate courses for precisely those people. 

Becoming a UNMC non-degree student begins with the application.

Re-admittance for additional semesters is required. This includes the completion of a new application and also depends on the student maintaining the same academic standards as those working towards graduate degrees.

Are you eligible to apply to Graduate Studies?

Deadlines for Application

Admit Term Application Opens Application Closes
Spring Nov. 14 Dec. 15
Summer April 15 May 1
Fall July 26 Aug. 6

Step 1: Application & Materials

Make sure all of your information is submitted prior to the admit term deadline. Please use a valid email address on your application, as this is how Graduate Studies will communicate with you.

Step 2: Application Review

After submitting your application, you’ll receive an email of acknowledgement from Graduate Studies that will give you details on how to monitor your application documents.

Step 3: Admission & Enrollment

If you have submitted a background check at UNMC within the last year you do not need to complete another background check. You can email One Source to obtain a copy of your background report and forward the report to the Office of Graduate Studies for review. 

Enrollment in courses is subject to approval by the instructor and Dean for Graduate Studies. If there’s limited space in a class, preference will be given to students who are working toward a degree and have full graduate standing.

Additional Information

If you take a few non-degree courses and decide that you actually do want to pursue a degree, you can change your standing to full graduate. To do this, you’ll need to submit a complete application to Graduate Studies as a degree-seeking student. You’ll also need to be admitted into an appropriate program by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Applicable credits you earn in non-degree courses can be used to cover graduate degree requirements, but must be approved by the Graduate Committee, the Supervisory Committee, and the Dean for Graduate Studies. Keep in mind, no more than a third of graduate degree coursework can be taken as a non-degree student.