Non-Degree Student Information


Learning, on Your Terms

The thirst for knowledge can still be satisfied even after graduation. You may be looking to further your professional ability, advance in the skills you know, or simply learn something new. However, you’re not looking to commit yourself to a graduate degree that you don’t necessarily want. Here at UNMC, we offer flexibility in non-degree graduate courses for precisely those people. 

Interested students should go over the following points and look at the deadlines before enrolling.

Registration Conditions and Information

Deadlines for Application

Admit Term Application Opens Application Closes
Spring Nov. 1 Jan. 1
Summer March 1 May 1
Fall July 28 Aug. 15

If you take a few non-degree courses and decide that you actually do want to pursue a degree, you can change your standing to full graduate. To do this, you’ll need to submit a complete application to Graduate Studies as a degree-seeking student. You’ll also need to be admitted into an appropriate program by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Applicable credits you earn in non-degree courses can be used to cover graduate degree requirements, but must be approved by the Graduate Committee, the Supervisory Committee, and the Dean for Graduate Studies. Keep in mind, no more than a third of graduate degree coursework can be taken as a non-degree student.

 The Graduate Non-Degree program is for those taking 800/900-level courses. If you're interested in a Masters of Science in Nursing or Masters of Public Health degree, you must go through a different application process for their non-degree programs. If you’re looking at courses under an 800-level, please contact the departments that offer them.