TAMS Preferences

The Assistant Deans will be meeting soon to plan teaching assignments for the upcoming academic year.

We are seeking your input regarding what you would PREFER to teach during the coming year. Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all your requests, we will make an earnest attempt to recognize your interests as we work to match your expertise and professional development goals to the academic program priorities.

Ultimately, we must ensure that courses are covered with faculty who are academically and experientially prepared in the areas for which they teach.

In order to enter your preferences into the Teaching Assignment Management System (TAMS), please do the following:

Create Teaching Preference Wizard

  1. Assignment Type: When you launch the wizard you will first choose your Assignment Type. Possible options include:
    1. Faculty: Choose this to begin the process to select courses for the semester
    2. No Teaching: If you will not be available to teach during a term, please select No Teaching and include a brief explanation in the notes field (e.g., no teaching for 9-month faculty during the summer semester, or research faculty not teaching per grant award)
    3. Notes to Assistant Dean: If you have limited availability for a term or if you want to convey a message to the assistant dean, you can use this selection to share the information.
  2. Course: Choose the course you are interested in teaching.
  3. Teaching Mode: Select the appropriate teaching mode, which displays in an auto-populated drop-down menu.
  4. Notes: Please share any additional information that may help with the teaching assignment process. A notes option is available for each course selection.

You will need to select at least 2 preferences to see the Submit Preferences turn green. Once you make your selections, please put them in order of your preference with “1” being your first choice. You can simply click and drag your preference to the desired order position. Once you accept the Submit Preferences button, you will no longer be able to change your requests.

Video Tutorial

A brief video on entering preferences may also be viewed here.


If you have any questions, please contact your assistant dean.