Faculty Practice Scholars Program

Background: Nursing scholarship is defined as the generation, synthesis, translation, application, and dissemination of knowledge that aims to improve health and transform health care (2018, AACN Task Force).” AACN distinguishes the “Scholarship of Practice” (practice scholar role) from the “Scholarship of Discovery” (researcher role) and the “Scholarship of Teaching” (educator role). These three types of nursing scholarship are described, including examples and suggestions for advancing each type of scholarship. The document states: “the practice scholar applies evidence to practice incorporating implementation and translation science. Practice Scholarship is guided by multiple innovative methods of inquiry that are informed through clinical practice with an aim of improving and transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Practice scholars apply and integrate evidence to and from clinical practice and conduct quality improvement using methodologies to improve care processes.” (p. 3)

Program Overview: The purpose of the Faculty Practice Scholars Program is to assist new faculty engaged in faculty practice to develop a program of practice scholarship. As the CON develops a sizable pool of practicing faculty with rigorous programs of practice scholarship, we can lead the profession of nursing in demonstrating the transformative power of nursing practice on patient outcomes.

Faculty chosen for the program will participate in a 24-month Faculty Practice Scholars Program. As a part of this program Faculty Practice Scholars will receive $5,000 in pilot funding. In addition, during the two-year period, each scholar will have a FPS effort allocation. A total of up to 0.4 FTE will be assigned for practice for up to 2 years at an approved and contracted institution that partners with the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice. In addition, the Faculty Practice Scholar will be assigned no more than 0.3 FTE in educator role and 0.3 FTE in effort allocation for implementing a pilot practice scholarship project, preparing manuscripts, and developing and executing her/his Five-Year Career Plan. Formal mentoring will enhance the faculty FPS’s practice and scholarly activities.

Program Expectations: The goal of the two-year FPS program is to provide time, pilot funding, and mentoring for the FPS to develop their program of practice scholarship. The expectations are as follows:

FPS Program Benefits for the Faculty Practice Scholar:

Expected Benefits to CON

Selection of Mentors
Potential practice scholarship mentors must have evidence of being successful in the area of practice scholarship as reflected in the AACN Defining Scholarship for Academic Nursing document. The program may have to seek external mentors until a strong pool of practice scholar mentors have been developed at the CON.

Program evaluation:
Scholar Evaluation: Each Faculty Practice Scholar will be evaluated after 12 and 24 months (detailed report summarizing progress due at 11 and 23 months). Continuation in the program in Year 2 depends on satisfactory progress in Year 1. Evaluation will consist of individual, institution, practice, and scholarship complementary to the standard annual evaluation. A formal evaluation process will be developed by the Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnership and the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and approved by the Faculty Practice Committee.

Program Sustainability: After two cohorts of scholars have completed the program, an evaluation based on identified outcomes will be conducted. Evaluation for sustainability of the FPS Program will be based on meeting metrics related to recruitment and retention of practice scholars and successful funding for high impact practice scholarship. After two cohorts of scholars have completed the program, an evaluation based on identified outcomes will be conducted


     Minimum requirements of application:

Application Process:
     Applicants will submit:

The number of applicants chosen each year will be based on the number of qualified applicants, mentors, and resources available but will not exceed 2 per cohort.

The Faculty Practice Scholar Program will be managed and evaluated by the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Faculty Practice Committee. A report will be provided annually to Executive Committee and the Dean.

For questions, or to submit an application, please contact Dr. Kate Fiandt at kfiandt@unmc.edu.


AACN Task Force. “Defining Scholarship for Academic Nursing.” American Association of Colleges of Nursing. 26 March. 2018. Web. 10 August 2018.

Approved Executive Council August 14, 2018