Orthopaedic surgery M4 rotation at the UNMC College of Medicine.

Michael F Sorrell Center For Health Science Education

M4 Rotation

Welcome to the orthopaedic surgery experience at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery offers an M4 rotation as part of the UNMC College of Medicine.

We hope you find this rotation both challenging and rewarding, and that you expand your medical knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal problems, and care of the orthopaedic patient.

On the left, you will find links to the orientation guide, as well as a set of lectures for your perusal. Please use these as a reference both before and during your rotation.

Throughout this rotation, you will get a mix of didactic and clinical training that should serve as a base upon which to expand your knowledge of and interest in orthopaedics. Please use this website as a guide.

Work hard, be inquisitive, and have fun during your time with us.