University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sudipta Panja, PhD

Research Interests

My research interest is the development of new nanomedicine for targeted drug/ gene delivery. My current research is focused on developing a lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-based CRISPR-Cas9 delivery system to eliminate the parvoviral DNA from the HIV-1 reservoir. Since HIV-1 reservoirs have a significant number of CXCR4/ CCR5-like chemokine receptors, LNP ornamented with CXCR4/ CCR5-ligands can efficiently target the HIV-1 reservoir. Therefore, we sought to develop CXCR4/ CCR5-ligand ornamented LNPs with an adequate lipid composition to maximize the CRISPR-Cas9 encapsulation and receptor-specific delivery to the reservoir. This advanced approach will increase the therapeutic performance of LNPs by reducing off-target toxicities.

Ongoing Projects

Development of a CXCR4/ CCR5-targeted LNP

In the CRISPR-Cas9 therapy, we deliver Cas9 mRNA and guide mRNA together. The mRNA-delivering LNP fundamentally has four components, ionizable lipid, sitosterol, helper lipid, and PEG-lipid. In the first step, we modify the PEG-lipid by synthesizing CXCR4/ CCR5-ligands conjugated PEG-lipids. Next, the modified PEG-lipids are integrated into the LNP to achieve a colloidally stable targeted LNP (T-LNP) with high mRNA encapsulation efficiency. The therapeutic performance of T-LNP to eliminate the proviral DNA from the lately infected T cells is being evaluated in in vitro and in vivo settings 

  • PhD, Polymer Nanomaterials, 2016, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
  • 2022–Present  Associate Editor, International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials
  • 2022–Present  Review Editor, Frontiers in Pharmacology
  • 2022–Present  Editorial Board Member, Biopolymers Research
  • 2021–Present  Guest Editorial for the special issue, Polymer
  • 2021–Present  Review Editor, Frontiers in Biomaterials Science
  • 2022–Present  Guest Associate Editor, Biomedical Nanotechnology
  • 2011 Junior Research Fellowship of CSIR-UGC, India
  • 2013 Best oral presentation award at International Conference of Polymer Quest-2013, at IIT Kharagpur, India
  • 2013 Senior Research Fellowship of CSIR-UGC, India