University of Nebraska Medical Center

Enrichment Options

In addition to the traditional PharmD degree program, students attending the College of Pharmacy at UNMC have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and enrich their experience in pharmacy school by applying to be selected to participate in special programs.    

Spanish Track for Pharmacy Students   

Students will be provided with additional learning opportunities in addition to activities, both professionally and in a more informal setting, to learn and use the Spanish language and work confidently with the Spanish-speaking population.   

What will you gain?  

  • Certification of successful completion of Spanish Track at graduation.   
  • CEFR level obtained to be reported on curriculum vitae  

What is the Spanish Track curriculum?  

  • 3-week summer virtual immersion program after P1 and P2 years  
  • 30 contact-hours each academic year with Spanish speakers in the community 
  • IPPE Community Pharmacy Rotation (>40% of patients speak Spanish) 
  • APPE Ambulatory Care Rotation at OneWorld Community Health Center (>40% of patients speak Spanish) 
  • Optional: International APPE rotations available 
  • Routine and standardized assessments of Spanish Language progress throughout the Track