University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

I. Chemical & Physical Sciences (Minimum 20 Semester Hours)
General Chemistry w/ Lab Minimum  8 Semester Hours
Organic Chemistry w/ Lab Minimum  8 Semester Hours
Physics I w/ Lab OR Quantitative Chemical Analysis Minimum  4 Semester Hours

II. Biological Science (Minimum 12 Semester Hours)  
Biological/Life Sciences w/ Lab Minimum 4 Semester Hours
Anatomy* 4 Semester Hours
Physiology* 4 Semester Hours
*May be a combined two semester Anatomy & Physiology Course.  

III. Analytical Sciences (Minimum 7 Semester Hours)  
Calculus I Minimum 4 Semester Hours
Statistics OR Biostatistics 3 Semester Hours

IV. General Education (Minimum 21 Semester Hours)

May Include additional courses from the areas listed in Sections I-III or from any area listed below: 

Accounting Gerontology
Business Administration/Management History
Critical Thinking Humanities
Economics Literature
Education Philosophy
Ethics Political Science
Fine Arts (Art, Music) Psychology
Foreign Languages Sociology
Total Program (Minimum) 60 Semester Hours

NOTE: Approval of prerequisite courses is determined by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Admissions Committee on an individual basis after all necessary information is submitted. Credits must be earned at a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Credits not considered applicable include: 1) those graded less than “C”, “I” (incomplete), “W” (withdrawal), or audit; 2) those completed but not given for credit; 3) activity courses in physical education.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT: AP credit will be accepted toward prerequisite requirements if listed on a transcript from a fully accredited undergraduate institution.

CLEP: A maximum of 24 pre-pharmacy credit hours may be accepted by the College of Pharmacy through CLEP subject or general examinations. Minimum scale scores are available upon request from the UNMC Office of Academic Records. In the required course areas of the pre-pharmacy program, the College of Pharmacy will not accept CLEP hours in the following subject examination areas: Organic Chemistry; 4 of the Required Biological/Life Science Hours or General Chemistry Hours.