Yu Lei, Ph.D.

Yu Lei, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Applied Physics; Chinese Academy of Sciences; China, 2003
M.S.  in Medical Physics, Wayne State University; 2009 
B.En. in Optics; ChangChun Institute of Optics and Fine Mech.; China, 1997

American Board of Radiology - Therapeutic Radiological Physics

Professional Memberships:
American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
Sigma Xi

Clinical & Research Interests:
Brachytherapy (HDR and LDR)
3D/IMRT treatment planning
Y-90 Radioembolization
SRS/SBRT techniques
Radiation dosimetry 
Linac QA and HDR system

Research Projects:
Quality assurance and safety improvement in radiotherapy; information technology in radiotherapy; application of statistical learning in radiotherapy.


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