The Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center has 17 faculty members, 3 adjunct faculty members along with a Clinical Research Trials Coordinator and associated administrative and support staff.  Listed below are the current faculty members.  You can access their personal page by clicking on their name on the left side column. 

Radiation Oncologists:  Radiation Physics:

Charles A. Enke, MD, Chairman
Weining (Ken) Zhen. MD
Chi Lin, MD, PhD
Andrew Wahl, MD
Chi (Kevin) Zhang, MD, PhD
Nathan R. Bennion, MD
Michael J. Baine, MD, PhD

Sumin Zhou, PhD (Director-Medical Physics)
Sicong Li, D.Sc.
Dandan Zheng, PhD
Megan Hyun, PhD
Shuo Wang, PhD 
Abby Besemer, PhD
Diane Schott, PhD
Kyle Gallager, PhD



Radiation Oncology Research:  
Ying Yan, PhD