Transplantation Surgery

Division Chief:  Alan Langnas, DO

Administrator: Tracy Hanzek, BS

Since 1970 our program has been working to shape the field of transplantation and to provide hope and life for thousands of patients. Our team consists of a variety of physicians and clinicians specializing in transplantation and other multi-disciplinary specialties to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Through our dedicated efforts in education, research and clinical medicine, we have become world-renowned for transplantation care. Our ground-breaking procedures in liver transplantation and resections for Hepatobiliary cancers are providing new hope for patients who were once deemed inoperable. We are a national leader in intestinal transplantation and have a unique Intestinal Rehabilitation Program dedicated to offering non-transplant therapies for patients with intestinal failure.

New immunosuppressive protocols, living-donor options and the latest research in islet cell transplantation have been at the forefront of our kidney program, and we are one of the most active centers for pancreas transplantation in the Midwest. We understand that every patient and diagnosis is unique. We also realize that this can be one of the most challenging times of a patient's life. That is why we include patients, their families and primary physicians as important partners in developing a customized treatment plan and ensuring that they have the support and help they need every step of the way. When the care required needs the most innovative, cutting-edge and unique services available, Nebraska is the place.

Alan Langnas, D.O.