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Our residents enjoy activity outside the hospital as much as they do inside. Did they win? Everyone's a winner when wellness is front and center."

residents coloring in resident lounge
group of residents playing volleyball
Residents and faculty learning to curl

Resident wellbeing is a primary reason our residents choose to train at UNMC.

We are proud of a wellness curriculum that is second to none among anesthesiology residency programs.

The events sponsored by the residency program are resident-planned and resident-led. Each class has one or two “Wellness Champions” who lead the way with our wellness initiatives. These initiatives follow our “8 Domains” curriculum, which encourages activities that promote wellbeing in the social, physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, and financial domains.

Find more wellness resources offered at UNMC. 


  • Residents receive a non-clinical day on their birthday every year.
  • Didactic time is provided to individually meet with a counselor from the House Officer Assistance Program.
  • A peer support pathway allows for mentoring and time off after crisis events.
  • Frequent group outdoor activities are held, such as sand volleyball, walks/runs, Top Golf.
  • Our department culture values responsiveness, equality and mentorship.


Associate Director, Residency Program for Performance and Wellbeing, UNMC Department of Anesthesiology
Assistant Professor
Section Head, Neuro Anesthesiology, Nebraska Medicine
Critical Care Anesthesiologist

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