Accessing Samples

How do I access samples for my research project?

  1. Complete and submit the REDCap application.  You will need to provide some basic information regarding the extent and needs of your research project.
  2. On submission the Biomedical Informatics Navigator, Dr. Yuning Zhang, will review your application for completeness and contact you if additional information is required.  When complete your application will be referred to the EHR core for Feasibility review to determine whether the Nebraska Biobank (NBB) contains sufficient number and type of samples to meet your proposed research project needs.
  3. Once your request passes feasibility review it will be sent on to the Nebraska Biobank Scientific Review Committee (NBB-SRC) for final approval. 
  4. NBB-SRC approved requests will be referred to the EHR Data Access core for matching to samples in the Nebraska Biobank.  The EHR Data Access Core acts as the honest broker for the NBB de-identified samples and will create the sample list and any associated data for your project.  
  5. You will be notified when your request has been reviewed by the committee and arrangements to transfer or receive your requested samples will be made at that time.  A signed Material Transfer Agreement will be required before samples can be released.

Please acknowledge the Nebraska Biobank (RRID:SCR_021024) in any publications or presentations that might arise from use of these samples and cite the Nebraska Research Initiative and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, which subsidizes the repository.

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