What costs are associated with withdrawing samples from the Nebraska Biobank?

Samples in the Nebraska Biobank are processed after the 120 hour laboratory hold has passed.  Samples whether whole blood (EDTA), serum (Gold top), or plasma (Lithium Heparin) are held at 4° C during this "hold" period before being aliquoted and placed in long-term storage at -80° C.  

 Service Type  Fee
Feasibility Review No Charge
Consultations No Charge
Serum & Plasma (500 μL/sample) Retrieval $2.00 /sample
DNA (up to 2 μg/sample) Retrieval $5.50 /sample
Specialized Processing Contact the Biobank Research Operations Director for an estimate
DNA Analysis See High-Throughput DNA Sequencing and Next Generation Core Facilities for pricing

To request an estimate for research proposal budgets please contact, Linda Wilkie (email or 402-559-7649)