Sample Management & Specialized Services

The skilled staff of the Nebraska Biobank are also available to researchers in need of sample management or custom laboratory processing for clinical trials and registries.

Freezer inventory Freezerworks® or FreezerPro® LIMS are used for sample tracking. Separate freezer rooms containing -80ºC and -20ºC freezers with emergency power back-up, temperature surveillance and alarm notification system, and CO2 back-up are available for biologic samples.

The facility has a Kingfisher Flex, QIAcube and Nanodrop available for low-throughput DNA extraction and quantification. Ample wet lab space is available for the clinical/translational researcher who may need temporary or short-term laboratory space for sample processing or custom method development.

Use of the Nebraska Biobank for sample processing and management is priced based on time and materials. Contact the Operations Director to discuss your project needs and request an estimate.

Please acknowledge the Nebraska Biobank (RRID:SCR_021024) in any publications or presentations that might arise from use of these samples and cite the Nebraska Research Initiative and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, which subsidizes the repository.