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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MD-PhD Scholars Program’s application process?

The applicant must fill out a primary application from the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). To apply to the MD-PhD Scholars Program, make sure that applying for an MD-PhD program is indicated on the AMCAS application. After AMCAS finishes processing the application, the applicant will receive information on how to fill out a secondary application that is unique to UNMC. Finally, the applicant may be asked to interview, which will include the opportunity to meet with current Scholars one-on-one, interview with a variety of UNMC faculty, and a formal interview with the College of Medicine.

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Does applying to the MD-PhD Scholars Program require an additional application fee?

No. On the AMCAS application, there will be a place to designate yourself as applying for MD-PhD programs. You will be given two additional essays: one to discuss why you are applying for MD-PhD training and one to explain your significant research experiences. The application will be submitted to MD and MD-PhD programs as one application with no additional fee. There is no additional fee with secondary application submission for UNMC.

Should I take the GRE for my MD-PhD application?

The GRE is not required for admission. The applicant should submit their GRE score in the event that they feel their GRE performance better reflects their academic potential than their MCAT performance. Submission of MCAT scores is required; submission of GRE scores is optional.

How many candidates are interviewed each year?

Between 21-28 candidates are interviewed each year. We typically receive 60-80 applications annually.

Are any expenses paid for my interview visit?

First-round interviews are currently conducted virtually. If you are offered a spot in the program after your first interview, you will be invited for a "second visit." The expenses for this trip will be covered by the MD-PhD Scholars Program.

How many interviews will I have during my interview visit?

Interviewees generally have six interviews and two research interest meetings on Thursday for the MD-PhD Scholars Program, where the six are members of the interview committee and two are with faculty who students would be interested in working with. On Friday, there is one interview with a member of the College of Medicine interview committee. On both Thursday and Friday, it is also possible that a current student could conduct (or be a part of) an interview.

What opportunities are there to interact with current Scholars during my visits?

The MD-PhD Scholars Program offers ample opportunities to interact with current Scholars during the interview process. During the second visit, applicants will attend lunch with current scholars. Current scholars may also be available to bring them to various meetings with faculty members.

What kind of attire should I bring for my visits?

First-round interviews are currently conducted virtually, and business formal attire is expected. For the second visit, business casual attire is recommended for meeting with faculty members.

Are any expenses paid for my second visit?

The second visit lasts two days. Travel and housing arrangements will be made for the student and will be covered by the program. If the student plans to bring a significant other, friend, or family member, the program will not cover their travel costs but we're more than happy to work with the student to arrange shared travel and housing. Lunch will be with current Scholars and dinner will be arranged at a local restaurant, expenses covered by the program.

Can current medical students at UNMC apply for the MD-PhD Scholars Program?

Yes. The MD-PhD Scholars Program encourages interested medical students in their first and second years of study to apply to the MD-PhD Scholars Program. In fact, several of our current students entered through the alternate pathway from the M1 or M2 year. Please refer to our internal admissions section for more information on how to apply.

How many current Scholars are in the program?

There are currently 40 Scholars in UNMC's MD-PhD Scholars program: 

  • Six students in their first year of medical school (M1)
  • Seven students in their second year of medical school (M2)
  • Four students in their first year of graduate school (G1)
  • Six students in their second year of graduate school (G2)
  • Five students in their third year of graduate school (G3)
  • Two students in their fourth year or above of graduate school (G4)
  • Four students in their third year of medical school (M3)
  • Six students in their fourth year of medical school (M4)
What is the average GPA and MCAT for current Scholars?

Current Scholars have a mean GPA of 3.75 and MCAT score of 515.

What is covered for MD-PhD Scholars by UNMC’S MD-PhD Scholars Program?

The student’s tuition, student health insurance (including membership to the campus gym at the Center for Healthy Living), and student fees are all covered by the MD-PhD Scholars Program during medical training. Students also receive an annual stipend. During the student’s time as a graduate student, costs and stipends will be covered by the student’s department and/or extramural funding.

How long does it take to finish the MD-PhD Scholars Program?

The program typically takes between seven and eight years, which is composed of four years of medical school and three to four years of graduate school. The current curriculum consists of two years of medical school, three to four years of graduate school, and two years of medical school clerkships. While the MD-PhD Scholars are in graduate school, they are required to maintain their clinical skills through preceptorships and participation in student-run clinics.

Is UNMC’s MD-PhD Scholars Program an MSTP?

UNMC's MD-PhD Scholars Program is not currently a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), but we are in the process of applying for an MSTP Training Grant. MSTPs are MD-PhD programs that have applied for and been awarded funds specifically for training MD-PhD students from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Like MSTPs, UNMC's MD-PhD Scholars Program provides a generous living stipend for its students.