University of Nebraska Medical Center

Current Scholars


In addition to research domain-specific conferences, MD-PhD students are encouraged to attend and present their work at a variety of regional and national meetings. These are excellent opportunities to network with other physician-scientists in training, receive meaningful feedback on current research, and refine presentation skills.

Grant Opportunities

MD-PhD students are encouraged to apply for grants early in their graduate school experience. There are a plethora of internal and extramural opportunities scholars may apply for. Students should check with their departments for any specific opportunities in addition to the general funding opportunities referenced below.

Internal Funding Opportunity

UNMC Assistantship/Fellowship

The UNMC Assistantship/Fellowship is available to graduate and dual degree students. Students may apply during their second semester of graduate school. A letter of intent is due February 1 and the application or renewal material for a second year, must be submitted by March 1. Award notifications are made in late June each year.

Extramural Funding Opportunities

The NIH F30 and F31 opportunities may be applied for during graduate school. Note that the F30, which is specific to MD-PhD students, require that a first application be submitted within 48 months after joining an MD-PhD program, or by the end of the student's fourth year in the program (typically their second year in graduate school). Students should consider putting in an application early in their graduate years as resubmission is common. Applications are accepted three times each year (April, August, and December). Early in graduate school, as students begin the application process, they should work closely with their advisor, the program director, and senior students who have submitted or received one of these grants.

F30 - Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral NRSA for MD/PhD and other Dual Degree Fellowships

F31 - Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award