University of Nebraska Medical Center

Our Team

Whether you want advice on the best way to deliver your content or help finding the right resources, our team of experts is ready to help.

Under the guidance of Dele Davies, MD, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs, the Interactive E-Learning team continues to grow in order to meet the needs on campus.

Our team is located in the E-Learning Lab on the sixth floor of Wittson Hall. Email us today to schedule a consultation.

E-Learning Experts

Peggy Moore, MSEd

Director & Instructional Designer, Interactive E-Learning
Assistant Professor, College of Allied Health Professions


Peggy Moore
April Elker, MSEd

Senior E-Learning Program Manager


April Elker
Steph Langel, MA, MSEd

Instructional Designer


Steph Langel
Tuggen Even, MSEd

Instructional Technologist


Andi Zhang

Instructional Technologist I


Megan Blusys

Communications & Media Specialist


Megan Blusys headshot