Cutting Edge Treatments for Eye Diseases

Carl Camras Center for Innovative Clinical Research in Ophthalmology

The mission of the Carl Camras Center is to go beyond conventional therapies to provide extraordinary care for all patients with vision threatening eye diseases. Our physicians and scientists perform the most advanced research. We translate discoveries into the most cutting edge therapies. This center allows ophthalmologists, optometrists, and vision scientists to bring medical breakthroughs to everyone.

Our research team has expertise in conducting clinical studies for a variety of eye diseases including ocular inflammation (especially punctate inner choroidopathy), diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, and thyroid eye disease. We are one of the leading centers in the United States for clinical trials in retina and ocular inflammation.

Without patients who commit their time to participate in clinical trials, and without individuals who generously provide philanthropic support, medical advances would come to a standstill — and future, effective therapies would be impossible.  We applaud each person who has stepped forward to make a difference. And we encourage patients who may be eligible for a pending or ongoing trial to examine more closely the possibility of enrolling in one.

This website provides a brief glimpse into some of the many clinical trials we offer. For additional information, we invite you to make an appointment (402-559-2020) for a personalized consultation with one of our physicians to see what novel therapies might be suitable for your eye condition.

To make a charitable contribution to advance eye research at our center, please contact the Nebraska Foundation and specify your desire to support the mission of the Truhlsen Eye Institute.  

Retina Research:

Glaucoma Research:

Our glaucoma team includes: Vikas Gulati, MD, Shane Havens, MD, Deepta Ghate, MD, Carol Toris, PhD, and Shan Fan, MD. The ongoing clinical studies are:

Thyroid Eye Research:

The study is conducted by Dr. James Gigantelli

Laboratory Research:

The Truhlsen Eye Institute investigates eye diseases at the cellular level. Our scientists (led by the late Carl Camras, MD) have performed research on prostaglandins, which have become the leading treatment for glaucoma throughout the world. The group has evaluated the mechanisms by which prostaglandins reduce eye pressure and induce iris color darkening.

Dr. Thoreson's laboratory is among the most productive of those utilizing electrophysiologic methods to study early mechanisms in vision. Dr. Thoreson and his colleagues have made significant progress in understanding how the retina works.

Dr. Ahmad’s is one of the leading labs studying the regulation of ocular stem cells, and using emerging information for regenerative medicine for blindness. His lab is identifying alternate sources of retinal progenitors in embryonic stem cells, and by reprogramming adult stem cells to facilitate therapy.

Dr Singh has studied retinal development and cataract formation. His research team is currently studying a novel growth factor called lens epithelium-derived growth factor (LEDGF).