University of Nebraska Medical Center

Glaucoma Lab

Shan Fan Glaucoma research

Glaucoma Research Team: Shan Fan, MDVikas Gulati, MD; and Carol Toris, PhD.

Current research

Our glaucoma lab focuses on clinical and animal studies to better understand the causes of glaucoma and how that affects the fluid flow within the eye. We use this information to investigate medications and drainage devices to lower eye pressure (IOP) and slow the progression of the disease.

Our current studies include:

  • investigating why some people respond well to IOP-lowering drugs and other people do not; 
  • the effects on fluid drainage of devices placed in donated human globes;
  • exploring pressure lowering mechanisms of new glaucoma medications in different animal models;
  • investigating the segmental nature of fluid drainage in animal eyes to demonstrate that the outflow patterns can be altered pharmacologically.

Our team is a part of the Eye Dynamics and Engineering Network, which is a consortium of leading academic centers undertaking collaborative research pertaining to glaucoma pathophysiology and management.